About Laura


Laura Demercurio began her work as a Postpartum doula in 2008 after completing Nursing school. She was given the opportunity to work in the Postpartum and Nursery units where her love of the postpartum time began. This led her to take the CAPPA Postpartum doula training to gain more knowledge and start her path towards becoming a professional doula. After some time of working with women she noticed that there was something missing from the postpartum period and made it her duty to learn more. This desire led her to become a Certified INNATE Postpartum Care provider and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Since then her knowledge, practice and vision has evolved tremendously.


Laura has a passion for empowering women to take charge of their health and is dedicated to the women she serves. She takes great joy in providing the traditional care that is often absent during the postpartum period and that is so needed for women, families and communities to thrive. 


Laura has experience working with high profile families, fully staffed homes and international travel.

She is there to support women physically, emotionally and spiritually and to create a safe space where they feel nurtured, comfortable and safe.

Education & Experience


* Licensed Vocational Nurse

* Board Certified Lactation Consultant

* Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider

* Postpartum Doula

* Maya Abdominal Massage Course (Guatemala)

* Sacred Postpartum Online Course

* Oral Habilitation of the Breastfeeding Dyad: A Master Class for IBCLCs   

* Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator

* Infant Sleep Fundamentals

Serving Southern Oregon

Tel: 818-399-8229

Email: laura@nurturingpostpartum.com