Laura is an angel and was instrumental in my postpartum recovery. She provided vaginal steams for my healing, delicious meals and snacks, binded my abdomen, gave me the most amazing abdominal massage, helped me with my breastfeeding issues, she taught my husband and I how to comfort and soothe our baby and the list goes on! I cannot imagine my postpartum without her. She made me feel so nurtured and safe. The therapies she provided were absolutely amazing! I was completely unaware of all of the postpartum traditions but was curious and thats why I hired her. She is worth every penny and I will definitely be hiring her again for my next pregnancy!

~ Jennifer~

Laura is extremely knowledgeable and capable, but did not use that experience to try and tell me how to care for my girls the way she saw fit.  She took our lead in how we wanted to care for and feed our girls. She didn’t try to push a certain feeding philosophy onto us because she felt it was right. She listened to what we wanted, was able to answer all of our questions about how to handle twins, and helped us figure out a system and schedule that would work for the girls. By the time she left, she got Paige and Harper into a wonderful nighttime routine and feeding schedule that was easy for me to take over by myself.  She put my mind at ease and helped me through the struggles I had with breastfeeding, offering advice and guidance.

~Tracy & Ben~



Laura did a fantastic job of coming into our home and seamlessly integrating herself. Her calm, easy going demeanor made us all feel comfortable, and her expert knowledge about newborns and older children alike was extremely helpful. My baby was very fussy, and since my first son had not been this way, it was new and uncertain territory for me. She guided me in looking for my newborns cues, coached me on calming and soothing him, and helped me get some rest so I could be a better parent to both kids. 
Laura made a huge difference in catching a tongue tie that had been supposedly fixed. We had it clipped at birth, but the Dr had missed a large part of the tissue and while it was better, he was still struggling to latch properly. We had overlooked any tongue issues because we had thought it was taken care of. Laura's acute observation led us right back to the Dr, where he agreed there was still too much tying his tongue down and did the procedure over again. I was so thankful! Without her, I don't think we would have realized the issue.


 Laura provided expert care and took the time to teach us how to manage such a fussy/sensitive baby.  She also helped with all the other first-time parent challenges:  breast/bottle feeding, burping, swaddling, soothing, and moby/ergo wrapping.  In all, her confident, positive and hopeful attitude not only benefited the baby, but also gave us the boost we needed to keep going under such challenging circumstances.  By the way, nearly everything she diagnosed about the baby's health/condition was correct; almost all of her predictions about when the baby would turn the corner and grow out of her "belly-aching" were also accurate. We'd have been lost without her.

I was fortunate to have my mother with me for the first month of my child's life, but for the second month I was equally lucky if not more to have Laura D. as my doula.  Her calm energy and gentle demeanor alleviated my nervous feelings, of feeling alone and overwhelmed.  She was full of knowledge and able to answer all my questions about the baby and breastfeeding and postpartum healing. Her child rearing philosophy was very informative and enabled me to become more in-tuned with my baby and her needs.  


After being discharged, Laura helped show me different breastfeeding positions and educated me on common questions, such as the duration of breastfeeding, cues for hunger, and certain techniques for milk production. One of the twins was in the NICU for 3 weeks, which gave me time to focus on his brother. After a few attempts, and numerous consults via text messaging with Laura, I managed to breastfeed one of my newborns with ease. When she came over, she explained to me what to look for in a proper latch. The process took numerous attempts and coaching on her part. Our other baby, who was in the NICU, was bottle fed due to his low birth weight. Once he was discharged, I asked her to assist me during the transition from bottle to breast. I found this extremely challenging because he would get frustrated when I would try to latch him on. My biggest concern was nipple confusion. I was starting to think my opportunity to breastfeed both babies had passed. Laura refused to give up on me and made sure I stuck with it. She was very supportive and encouraging. As a mother of twins, I found that to be so important and helpful! Her professionalism and charismatic personality helped put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable with the whole nursing process. 




Laura was great with the twins.  She also provided mental support to a first time mother with twins. She noticed things that we didn’t notice or think of and she provided helpful suggestions to make our lives easier.  My husband and I would look forward to Laura coming in the evenings. We don’t know how she did it but she was able to take care of the twins by herself at night when it took an army of people during the day. What we also liked about Laura (aside from her being great with the twins) is even though she has taken care of many sets of twins, she wanted to care for them the way my husband and I want to raise them.

I can't tell you how comforting it was to have Laura with us. She taught us how to swaddle and how to calm and comfort our baby.  She also helped me with breast-feeding and helped out around the house.  She even prepared some meals for us! Most importantly, our baby loved her and was comforted by her.  Laura truly has a special way with newborns. She is a gracious and calming force to have around.

Laura took care of our newborn twins until they were about a month of age. She would come each night and stay through the morning. She was always a delight to see – with a very easy-going, relaxed personality. I think the babies relaxed as soon as she walked in the door. She encouraged me to simultaneously breastfeed the twins and helped me figure out just how I was going to do that. She came to us with a lot of knowledge (her credentials include a nursing License, etc.) but she also came to us without an agenda. She was supportive of my choices and my ideas of scheduling – but was always helpful in offering her own ideas. And, due to the fact that these ideas came from so much experience, she was instrumental in getting our twins on a schedule and making life much more manageable. She also offered her ear to my delirious late night stories and was incredibly confidential and kind. She always showed up on time and was meticulous about washing her hands and showing up clean and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a baby nurse – for multiples or singletons. I will miss her a lot.


As first time parents and also as someone recovering from a c-section, we were in uncharted waters. I can't say what a difference having the right baby nurse made in making the challenging recovery and transition so much easier and less stressful for us. She proved herself to be highly competent, dedicated, extremely supportive and nurturing to both parents and baby.

As a licensed nurse, we felt we could rely on her training and vast knowledge to help us with whatever medical and health issues the baby faced. She helped with the whole range of baby care including breastfeeding, formula supplementing, bathing and purchasing and setting up baby supplies. She gave us guidance and advice on a wide rage of topics from baby care basics to helpful hints and secrets that we found extremely helpful.  She really helped us with just about everything and got us off the ground in becoming confident parents.

On a personal level, Laura is just terrific. She is always professional yet has an easy going and serene presence, which is important for a busy household going through so many changes. She is discreet, radiates both calm and positive energy and fit well into our home. Most importantly, she was wonderful with our baby and cared for him with both warmth and playfulness. Her genuine love for babies shines though as Lincoln absolutely adored her and just blossomed under her care.


Laura Demercurio was our doula for both my children.. She was incredibly supportive as I struggled with postpartum depression with my first child. I would count down the seconds until she arrived. As a first time mom, I knew nothing about babies, and Laura taught me everything—from how to burp the baby to how to figure out a pumping schedule. I told my husband that if I were to have a second child, I absolutely needed Laura to help me out again. When I became pregnant with my son, I discovered that I’d lost her contact information and was distraught. By some miracle, I located her again and I can’t describe the relief I felt, knowing she would be there to help me out. I have worked with several other doulas and night nurses. One almost burned our house down. Another was extremely pushy and bossy. Laura was respectful, sensitive, calming, reliable, and supportive. She offered suggestions without being overbearing, and she was a wonderful presence to have around. I give her my highest recommendation!


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